Cerabalm featured in the 2024 Grammy Awards SWAG bag

Cerabalm has made its way to the red carpet, amongst the $35,000 worth of best-in-class products. Cerabalm is not our desert island pick for no reason! It’s multi-purpose functionality allows anyone and everyone to be able to use it as their cleanser, mask or moisturizer. 

The Hollywood Reporter and Wion News do a deep dive on what's actually inside these luxury gift bags given to the performers and presenters! From red light therapy devices and noise-canceling headphones to Danucera’s sustainable skincare! 

In a recent CBS Interview with Retail Manager at Rescue Spa Philadelphia, Kelly Lizzio said Cerabalm is a facial in a jar, anybody can use it. You can use it as a cleanser as a mask or to give yourself a facial massage. Honestly, it is our hero product”.

Cerabalm is the clean-beauty answer for fresh, hydrated, radiant skin. It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients that offer instant results: a firmer, smoother, more luminous complexion. 

Read more about this year's Grammy Awards Swag Bag on The Independent, Yahoo! Finance or MSN.

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