Meet Danuta

The woman behind a thousand flawless complexions

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Born in Poland and trained in Paris, celebrated esthetician Danuta Mieloch has spent her life immersed in the art and science of excellent skincare—studying with the world’s foremost experts, founding her award-winning Rescue Spa, and inspiring and maintaining the flawless complexions of thousands of faces over the years. “Beautiful skin,” she likes to say, “is a matter of choice, not chance.”

Her passion for sustainable skincare began long ago, back when she was just a little girl. Other children played house; Danuta played apothecary, mixing her mother’s lotions and salves into her own potions. From childhood onward, her devotion to her craft never wavered: She studied as a nurse along dermatologists in her native Poland, then continued her education in Paris and New York under some of the most esteemed estheticians in the world. In 2004, Danuta opened her own acclaimed Rescue Spa in Philadelphia, then expanded to New York in 2017. “Mieloch swears by real science and takes plenty of time, more than most facialists,” wrote New York magazine, which called Danuta the “secret weapon” behind the city’s best facials. “There are no cookie-cutter formulas here.”  

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Indeed, like its founder, Rescue is internationally renowned for its custom facials, performed with the transformative techniques Danuta created and perfected over her career, as well as the bespoke products she handpicked from creators who are equally devoted to excellence. Acne, scars, dehydration, aging: Whatever the concern, Danuta developed the groundbreaking treatments and regimens to keep her clients glowing.

With these many years of experience — and the thousands of faces she’s worked with — came Danuta’s firm belief that the most beautiful skin comes from the simplest, most sustainable skincare routines. That belief, paired with countless client requests and Danuta’s drive for discovering the best breakthrough noninvasive treatments, inspired her to create DANUCERA, a capsule collection of cleanly formulated, deeply effective products that simplify skincare and deliver beautiful results ofor every age, every skin type and every face.

Danuta’s Golden Rules

Ageless wisdom for healthy, luminous skin

Technique matters.

“It’s not just the product, it’s also how you use it. Gentle, intentional touch and facial massage with a little Cerabalm are part of the DANUCERA ritual.”

A skincare routine is not a chore.

“You cleanse your skin every night to remove makeup and build-up, yes. But you also do it to connect with and renew yourself. It’s a moment to enjoy, to let go of everything. It’s a moment of self-kindness.”

Gentle, gentle, gentle.

“You want to cleanse, but never strip your skin of what it needs—and for this, oils are a magic ingredient. Cerabalm uses the most amazing ingredients and oils—oils women have used and loved for hundreds of years—for a clean that’s non-stripping and protective."

Your skin tells your story.

“Are you sleeping? Are you eating a balanced diet, with vitamins and proteins and oils? Are you happy? Your skin is more than your largest organ—it’s a mirror that reflects what’s happening inside.”

Nature works.

“Minerals, plant extracts, seed oils, natural acids: These clean, active ingredients in their most powerful combinations truly deliver immediate and long-lasting results. DANUCERA  is proof.”

Since I was a little girl,
I’ve dreamed of creating a timeless skincare line that combines hands-on expertise—the best of everything I’ve learned over the years—with modern science to deliver amazing results. DANUCERA is that line.

Danuta Mieloch