Our brand:

Danucera is the story of a thousand faces

DANUCERA is the story of a thousand faces—the
faces Danuta Mieloch has seen, touched and improved over her long career as a
master esthetician. Formulated in France and made cleanly and sustainably in
the U.S., DANUCERA is the culmination of Danuta’s unparalleled experience,
paired with modern innovations and skincare solutions that have worked for hundreds of years.

Our Inspiration:

After three decades as a sought-after skincare expert, founder Danuta Mieloch saw a need for a succinct line of clean, results-driven products that would demystify skincare at a moment people seemed overwhelmed with options. Thus was born DANUCERA, a capsule collection of expertly crafted products for the simplest, cleanest and most effective skincare routine for any face, at any age.

Danucera logo on a light brown background.

Our Signature Products

Our capsule collection represents everything DANUCERA stands for:
products that are perfectly clean, wildly effective, and ideal for any age
and skin type. Cerabalm, our magical multi-purpose balm, leaves every face brighter, softer, smoother and more radiant, and D22 Tonic evens out skin tone and amps up luminosity—our complexion perfector.

A man putting skincare product on both of his cheeks.

Our Commitment to Clean Beauty:

Our clean-beauty standards began with Danuta’s holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that nature’s own nutrients — not lab-based ingredients — are at the heart of great skincare and self-care. Inspired by age-old beauty solutions, as well as the health of our planet and our bodies DANUCERA adheres to clean-beauty standards (free of parabens, phthalates, phenol, silicones, perfumes, and more). Our products are naturally derived, cruelty free, fragrance free, and sourced and packaged sustainably.

Our Philosophies:


Beautiful skin begins with a simple,
sustainable skincare routine.


Clean beauty is the future.


Technique matters.


A thousand faces don’t lie. 



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Our Results:

Results are the point of DANUCERA.
Each of our products is the culmination of Danuta’s decades of
hands-on experience combined with the most potent, proven natural
ingredients on the planet and the latest in skincare innovation.
DANUCERA users see both immediate and long-lasting
improvements in their skin.

Experience DANUCERA

“I never thought I’d find
clean skincare products that did
so much, so fast.”

Grace — DANUCERA user