How to Sculpt Your Face at Home

Why technique matters when doing your skincare routine

When it comes to skincare, there are some basics nearly everyone can agree with across the board: it’s important to wash your face at night and wear sunscreen during the day. Beyond that, the opinions are as variable as the number of skincare products available (i.e. a LOT). But when it comes to the topic of how much you can do at home in the name of face sculpting, we can confirm that it’s possible to achieve noticeable results at home. 


Does face sculpting actually work?

At Danucera, we often say that technique matters, and this certainly applies when face sculpting is the goal. Using your own hands or a manual tool like a stone face massager, you can sculpt the contours of the face as you apply products and massage the skin. First things first, it’s important to always use upward motions when applying skincare products as it gently increases circulation and stimulates the skin. 

The DANUCERA Sculpting Stone can help to lift, sculpt, tone and de-puff the skin as it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Our Sculpting Stone facial massager is made from 100 percent natural White Jade which is known to heal the skin, absorbing and releasing toxins trapped in the face and body. White Jade is also known for connecting and calming the mind and body, bringing mental clarity, hence clearer skin.


What does sculpting do to your face?

Face sculpting or facial massage increases circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage in the face, which helps move fluid and create the appearance of a more sculpted facial silhouette and less puffiness. It can make eyes appear more open, cheekbones more prominent and the jawline more defined.


How long does facial sculpting last?

Manual facial sculpting is not permanent, however the effects can be seen immediately and last for up to two to three days.**(DANUTA TO CONFIRM AND PROVIDE A QUOTE) 


Is face sculpting actually worth it?

As DANUCERA founder Danuta Mieloch explains how facial sculpting can help decrease puffiness and increase the look of healthy skin: "Lymph nodes filter substances in our bodies." When you stimulate them, it can help fluid move and reduce retention. "Following a proper lymphatic drainage technique with light pumping motions under the eyes and down the jawline will show an immediate decrease in puffiness." 


How do I sculpt my face at home? 

After washing your face with CERABALM MULTI-PURPOSE FACIAL BALM and toning with D22 TONIC, massage a pea-sized amount of CERABALM evenly onto your face. Beginning with your décolleté, hold the flat side of the SCULPTING STONE against your chest, sweeping upward to your jawline. Then, starting from the center of your chin, sweep along your jawline first on the left side and then on the right side up to your ears. Use upward sweeping motions from your eyebrows to your hairline across your forehead. Next, with the comb side of the SCULPTING STONE, use outward motions to sweep along the cheekbones starting from the side of the nose to your hairline. Finish by applying light pressure with the tip of the SCULPTING STONE around your under-eye area, in a circular motion from the inner corner of your eye upward along your eyebrow and down under your eye. Apply gentle pumping motions to help with lymphatic drainage.

Facial sculpting can be a pleasurable practice with noticeable results. Our favorite way to do it at home is with the DANUCERA CERABALM and SCULPTING STONE.

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