How to use Cerabalm Cleansing Balm

The million-dollar question… how exactly should Cerabalm be incorporated into my skincare routine? That answer lies in its sheer versatility! Cerabalm defies the rules of the skincare world, embracing a no-wrong way to use its approach. It was specifically formulated to be a multi-purpose facial balm, desert-island pick while being safe for all skin types. Made from clean, sustainably sourced ingredients this balm is the answer for fresh, hydrated, radiant skin. 

Cerabalm was the first product introduced into the Danucera capsule collection. It embodies adaptability and can seamlessly fit into any skincare regimen as a first step, middle step or final touch. This magical multi-purpose cleansing balm can function as a cleanser, moisturizer, mask or highlighter – adapting to the ever-changing needs of your skin. Keep one in your skincare cabinet, desk drawer or travel bag to fulfill every skincare need wherever you are.

How to Cleanse with Cerabalm

Elevate your cleansing experience with Cerabalm. It’s unique honey-like texture glides effortlessly over the skin to melt away impurities, makeup and SPF, making the ideal gentle cleanser. Danucera founder, Danuta Mieloch stresses the significance of double-cleansing as the foundation of an effective skincare regimen. The formulation of the balm allows anything on the surface of the skin to lift away without stripping the skin of its natural oils or causing irritation. 

First Cleanse:

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of Cerabalm to a cotton round
  2. Gently swipe cotton round onto dry skin to remove makeup, impurities and SPF from the skin 
  3. Gently massage over the eye area to melt away any eye makeup
  4. Dampen your Dual Washcloth and use the terry side to provide gentle exfoliation and remove product residue
  5. Splash face with water to remove any excess product 
  6. Follow with your second cleanse

Second Cleanse:

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of Cerabalm directly on the skin and massage into the complexion with upward strokes for 2-3 minutes
  2. Gradually add a few drops of water to emulsify the balm and continue to massage
  3. Wet Dual Washcloth and use the muslin side to buff the skin and more thoroughly clean the complexion
  4. Splash face with water to remove any excess product
  5. Pat dry with a clean and dry Dual Washcloth

Moisturize with Cerabalm

Cerabalm was meticulously designed to address a spectrum of skin types and concerns. Rooted in sustainability, its formula utilizes clean active ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil (nature's mega-hydrator) and sea buckthorn oil (an anti-inflammatory that's great for acne). This thoughtful formulation ensures Cerabalm serves as an effective moisturizer without clogging the pores. The lightweight stick-free jelly texture allows it to be easily blended into the skin without leaving any residue or greasy feel behind. Whether you apply as your true moisturizer or layered over a moisturizer of your choosing, the skin is enveloped in hydration and shielded from external aggressors, leaving behind a nourished, protected complexion. 

How to Moisturize with Cerabalm 

  1. After applying D22 Tonic to prep the skin, scoop a pea sized amount of Cerabalm into the hands
  2. Warm the balm in the palm of your hands
  3. Gently press into the skin 

*This can be done in replacement of your typical moisturizer or applied as a light layer over top of your Cream Supreme for added hydration and protection

Mask with Cerabalm 

Your very own “facial-in-a-jar”! Choose your preferred method of application: gently massage the balm into your skin or elevate your masking experience with lymphatic drainage by using a Sculpting Stone. When using a treatment mask, you will see instant and visible results such as a firmer, smoother, more even and radiant complexion. 

How to use Sculpting stone with Cerabalm

  1. Following your D22 Tonic toner application, apply a generous layer of Cerabalm to the face
  2. Begining with your decollete,  use the flat side of sculpting stone in sweeping upward motions to open the lymphatic system
  3. Move to center of chin and sweep along jawline and repeat, right side and then left side
  4. Use upward sweeping motions from eyebrows to hairline
  5. Flip to the comb side of the sculpting stone and sweep your cheekbones with an outward motion
  6. Finally, with light pressure use circular motions around the eye contour to depuff
  7. Gently remove Cerabalm with damp Dual Wash Cloth

*Watch the How-To video here 

Highlight with Cerabalm

Skincare is done, makeup is done, but you still need an extra glow? Pat on a little extra Cerabalm over top for a dewy, natural radiance. 

If you are aiming to streamline your skincare regimen or delve into the realm of clean beauty, Cerabalm - a multi-purpose cleansing balm -  is a great place to start. It serves as a great introduction to the expansive world of skincare, particularly for those who don’t know where to begin on their skincare journey.  Its versatility allows you to tailor it to your unique skin care needs or concerns while offering multiple benefits. 

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