What’s the difference between hydrating and moisturizing? And how to make sure you’re doing both.

Once you’re asking this question, it’s easy to feel like we’re trying to follow a complex skincare plot, where we forgot where we were headed in the first place.

Here’s the good news: Even though there is a difference between hydrating and moisturizing, there is a good chance you’re already using ingredients that meet both of those needs.



Which is better, hydrating or moisturizing?

To boil it down, there is some overlap between the two terms. But hydration generally refers to replenishing water that is lost in the skin, and moisturization generally refers to replenishing oils. One is not better than the other, and you need both for healthy skin.


Do you hydrate or moisturize first?

In general, it's recommended to apply hydrating products before moisturizing ones.

Hydrating products, such as toners or essences, help to replenish water content in the skin. Applying them first can ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated, which is essential for maintaining its health and vitality.

But let’s take a step back and make sure you’re properly cleansing (we’re a big fans of really taking your time to properly cleanse your face with cleansing balm) and exfoliating with a hydrating toner like D22 Tonic. That way you’ll get the maximum benefit from whatever you use next.

D22 Tonic contains Birch tree water—also called birch sap, or birch juice—has been used for many centuries as a multi-purpose curative tonic, particularly in Nordic and Baltic countries. Known for its high contents of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, sugars and antioxidants, birch extract is a common ingredient in skincare because it does so much: hydrates, purifies, encourages new collagen growth, soothes, staves off inflammation, and both tones and clarifies skin for a clearer, brighter, smoother complexion. It can also help prevent sun damage and freckles.


Does my skin need hydration or moisture?

Your skin needs both hydration and moisture. We recommend starting with thinner products like hydrating serum then following with a moisturizing cream. 

When using hydrating serum such as  Mega Serum, the serum penetrates and your skin is plump and hydrated but in order to maintain the hydration levels in your skin you need to put a moisturizer on top. “It will evaporate pretty quickly if you don’t moisturize over it,” says Danucera founder Danuta Mieloch. “Moisturizing, in my opinion, it’s sealing everything in, that’s when you’re protecting your skin barrier and you’re setting up foundation for the day so the skin holds the hydration and the moisture in.”


The good news is that hydration and moisturization are easily achievable with a variety of skincare products. DANUCERA Mega Serum and Cream Supreme get the job done while also feeding your skin with a variety of additional benefits from skin barrier support to radiance to increased collagen production. 


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