Your Post-Sun Exposure Savior

No matter how protected or covered you think you are this summer, the UV rays will find their way to your skin. After you have spent some time at the beach or laying by the pool, the skin can become dehydrated, when you come back in for the night make sure you treat your skin to some hydration. 



Hannah Fyre assistant beauty and health editor at MindBodyGreen put together “A Tried-And-Tested Routine To Stop Dark Spots in Their Tracks”  which goes into detail about her go-to sun care routine (including pre- and post- sun exposure). 

Fyre writes, post-sun “you can also enhance your routine with a hydrating face mask. My [favorite] for this [is] the Danucera Master Mask”. Our Master Mask is packed with brightening probiotics, densifying proteins and nourishing vitamins, it reinforces the skin barrier and leaves you glowing, hydrated and protected. 

Founder of Danucera, Danuta Mieloch, explains that “it makes your skin glow, it balances and it is super nourishing and strengthening '' making it an essential for that post-sun skin! If you have an at-home microcurrent device, try pairing the Master Mask with it for an added-boost and at-home facial treatment.

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