..95% of People Make This Skin Care Mistake - Danuta Mieloch

In an interview with Hannah Frye of mindbodygreen, our founder and celebrity esthetician Danuta Mieloch, advocates for dedicated skincare routines, emphasizing the importance of home care alongside professional treatments. In a recent episode of Clean Beauty School, she highlighted the significance of double-cleansing as the foundation of an effective skincare regimen.

She recommends starting with a balm cleanser like Danucera Cerabalm to break down makeup, sunscreen, and daily grime, focusing attention on the necessity of massaging the balm into the skin thoroughly. She stresses the analogy of brushing teeth with multiple strokes to underscore the importance of time and effort in this step. Additionally, Mieloch suggests using a clean, gentle washcloth to wipe away the oil before proceeding with a second cleanser.

Regarding the rest of the skincare routine, Mieloch advises customization based on individual needs, likening it to adjusting workout routines according to fitness goals. She stresses the importance of adapting skincare practices to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the skin.

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