The Breakdown Of Usher’s Undeniable Super Bowl Performance Glow using Danucera

The tension of yesterday's Super Bowl overtime showdown had us at the edge of our seats, but amid the heart-stopping action, one thing remained constant: Usher had us swooning during his halftime performance. And while his smooth moves and electrifying vocals stole the show, there's no denying that his flawless complexion added an extra layer of star power.

Page Six and HelloBeautiful reports on how celebrity makeup artist, Lola Okanlawon, worked her magic using Danucera skincare products to achieve Usher's Super Bowl Halftime glow. From pre-show prep to the moment he took the Vegas stage, Usher relied on Danucera, Danuta Mieloch’s luxurious sustainable skincare line, to get his skin Super Bowl ready.



In a post-Super Bowl press release, Okanlawon revealed that skincare was the secret to Usher's grooming success, emphasizing how Danucera products like the Iconic Eye & Cream Supreme played a pivotal role in making his skin supple and perfectly prepped for the monumental performance.

So while the last minutes of the Super Bowl may have left us biting our nails, Usher's luminous complexion, courtesy of Lola Okanlawon's skillful use of Danucera skincare, left us in awe long after the final whistle blew.

Read more at Page Six & HelloBeautiful.

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