Cerabalm: The Cleansing Balm that Calms Dry Skin During Winter

As the temperatures start to drop and winter begins to sweep in, our skin often faces a unique set of challenges. The combination of cold air, low humidity, and indoor heating can leave our skin feeling dry, flaky and prone to irritation. Incorporating Cerabalm Cleansing Balm into your daily skincare routine will not only help to gently cleanse the skin but provide a much-needed oasis for your complexion, even in the harshest weather conditions. 

Common Winter Skin Challenges

Dehydration Dilemma

Winter’s crisp air tends to be dry, robbing our skin of its natural moisture making dehydration a common woe. Indoor heating systems further reduce humidity levels which can lead to an increased evaporation of moisture from the skin. This often manifests as tightness, itchiness and becoming more prone to fine lines. 

Dryness and Flakiness

Cold weather can suppress the production of sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Sebum is essential to retaining moisture and creating a protective barrier on the skin. Reduced sebum production in the winter can contribute to dryness and flakiness. 

Sensitive Skin

Our skin is doing everything it can to protect us from external aggressors, such as extreme weather conditions and harsh skin care. Our skin barrier, also known as the lipid or moisture barrier is the one that takes on this protective task. If our skin barrier becomes weakened or compromised, it can lead to increased sensitivity. Sensitivity can feel and look differently for everyone, but most often manifests as redness, inflammation or irritation.

Benefits of Using Cerabalm During Winter

In the winter months, gentle cleansing takes on heightened significance in maintaining healthy and nourished skin. If it’s not the harsh weather conditions affecting our skin, it is often a harsh cleanser stripping away our skin’s natural oils and compromising our skin barrier. This is where the importance of incorporating a gentle cleanser into your skincare routine is essential. 

A crucial element often overlooked is the art of gentle cleansing, this is where Cerabalm comes into play! Cerabalm is made from sustainably sourced, clean ingredients ensuring that they provide the most effective results. These natural-origin ingredients were thoughtfully picked to be suitable for all skin types and provide soothing, hydrating benefits. 

Calming Skincare Ingredients in Cerabalm


Ceramides are essential for maintaining skin health and resilience. Cerabalm is enriched with a blend of ceramides such as meadowfoam seed oil and virgin hibiscus oil. Meadowfoam oil or what we like to call nature's mega-hydrator is similar to the skin’s own natural sebum, allowing it to absorb easily and seal in moisture. Keeping with the hydrating theme, virgin hibiscus oil is rich in protective fatty acids which help the skin retain its moisture, keeping the skin supple. 

Botanical soothing agents

Botanical soothing agents refers to natural plant-derived ingredients that process calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Two key soothing components of Cerabalm are sea buckthorn oil and apricot kernel oil. Sea buckthorn oil has been used for more than a thousand years in traditional Tibetan medicine to treat burns, infections, and wounds. When used in skincare, it protects cells from damaging UV-B rays, reduces inflammation, and protects the skin. Apricot kernel oil has high concentrations of vitamin E and fatty acids, making it effective in calming and soothing irritated or inflamed skin. 

Nourishing oils for radiance

The oils in Cerabalm were carefully selected to provide radiance without being pore clogging. The jojoba oil and sweet almond oil in the balm are used for their moisturizing and lightweight properties. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins E and B-complex and sweet almond oil is high in unsaturated fats and antioxidants, making for a nourished and luminous complexion.

How to incorporate Cerabalm into your winter skincare routine

Cerabalm is a multipurpose balm that can be incorporated into your daily routine in various ways, each way offering hydration and protection. Use it as a cleansing balm, hydrating mask or overnight treatment. Always listen to your skin and customize the use of Cerabalm based on your personal skin’s needs. 


Cleansing with this multipurpose balm elevates the act of cleansing into a pampering ritual. It’s unique light, balmy texture glides effortlessly over your skin melting away impurities, makeup and SPF, making the ideal gentle cleanser. Start with a dry face and gently massage a dime-sized amount onto your skin using circular motions. After massaging the balm into your skin, emulsify it with water to create a milky texture (this will help to further break down impurities). Use your wet dual washcloth to gently remove. 

Hydrating mask

Cerabalm’s versatility allows you to customize your masking experience. Use it as a quick hydrating mask for an instant pick-me-up or indulge in a longer treatment for a more intensive boost. When masking, apply a generous amount of the balm to your face, allowing the nourishing formula to be absorbed. The balm’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties are especially beneficial during the winter months when our skin is most prone to dryness.

Overnight treatment

Wake up to plump, supple, and nourished skin when using Cerabalm as an overnight treatment. Following your moisturizer, apply a thin layer of the balm to the entire face and allow it to work tirelessly while you sleep. 

Cerabalm: A Winter Skincare Solution

The quest stops here when looking for winter skin salvation, Cerabalm is a must-have in your skincare arsenal. This unique, multipurpose cleansing balm goes beyond ordinary cleansers, moisturizers, and masks forming a protective shield against the unforgiving harsh winter elements. Its concentrated blend of ceramides and soothing botanicals is a key component in protecting the skin barrier against the cold. Keep Cerabalm with you everywhere you go this winter and you will be ready to face the season’s challenges with a revitalized glow! 

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