Discovering Danucera: The Secrets of French Beauty and Glowing Skin Revealed

This week, master esthetician and founder of Danucera, Danuta Mieloch, was featured on the Skincare Anarchy podcast to discuss the world of Danucera. With a career spanning decades, Mieloch has transformed the faces and lives of thousands with her unique approach.

Skincare is her passion, she explains “I was making lotions and potions from very early on. I always wanted to develop a beauty elixir and keep our skin as youthful and beautiful as possible”. While the intense schooling and studying in Poland and Paris taught Mieloch what she knows when it comes to anatomy and skin functions, what she really found was the best teacher were her clients.

“I have done thousands and thousands of facials, each and every time I learn from my clients.”
- Danuta Mieloch

Since the skin is our outermost organ, it is very sensitive to the environment. “Your needs for skincare are totally different depending on your climate and your skin condition”. Finding the right product for your skin can get overwhelming, especially with the plethora of products available.

"This is where an esthetician steps in. I am a bridge between the product and the skin condition, so I can show you and help you navigate the skincare world”.
- Danuta Mieloch

Application of products is just as important as choosing the right product, “you might spray windex on to clean but if you don’t actually get in there and wipe it correctly you will have streaks, it is the same way with skincare products” says Mieloch. She goes on to explain “you can apply your cleanser but if you don’t massage it in, remove it correctly or double cleanse you won’t prep your skin in the proper way”. This is one of the reasons why Mieloch wanted to create a line that fits for everyone, even the person who doesn’t use enough products can follow and create a routine.

“Going back to the basics, it’s like your black dress in a capsule wardrobe. This is your capsule skincare.”
- Danuta Mieloch

This is where the first product of the line came into play, Cerabalm. Mieloch feels that Cerabalm is a universal, multi-purpose balm but the best use of it is to cleanse the skin. Most people rush through cleansing and do not put proper emphasis on it. It is important to really focus on massaging Cerabalm in to emulsify the build up, sunscreen, makeup and grime of the day. Following this, use the dual wash cloth to remove it and splash the face with water and continue with your second cleanse.

“Spend 3-5 minutes cleansing your skin, enjoying it.”
-Danuta Mieloch

The second product of the capsule collection is the D22 Tonic. Mieloch wanted to create a toner that is compatible for any skin type, even pregnant women. One of the main ingredients, white birch, is something Mieloch grew up drinking and applying on her skin for an even skin tone. The toner works to balance the pH of the skin and receive the next steps of skincare, make sure you are applying it on the skin with a cotton round to lift, firm and activate skin circulation.

“I address all the things in my products that I have not seen otherwise in other lines.”
-Danuta Mieloch

Mieloch wanted to create just one cream that would work on many skin types and many concerns. She “noticed [her] clients might be having breakouts and acne but have concerns about anti-aging. [Her] clients who are concerned about anti-aging might have sensitivity”. Mieloch believes that a really great moisturizer that has to be moisturizing, firming, balancing and healing, hello Cream Supreme.

“Skin needs to go on a diet from time to time to balance it out, I find for myself we overdo it sometimes and need to back off and do our basics.”
-Danuta Mieloch

Mieloch continues to work on her capsule collection, which in total will be 8 simplified, clean beauty effective skincare.

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