D22 Tonic is one of The 56 Best Products of 2023, According to Beauty Tastemakers at Harpers Bazaar

As we enter into the new year, we must take a look back at some of our 2023 favorites. Harpers Bazaar editors and top experts in the beauty industry put together their list of the beauty products of 2023. 

The first product Faith Xue, executive beauty director at Bustle Digital Group fell in love with this year was Danucera D22 Tonic. The D22 Tonic works as a gentle exfoliating toner that can be used day and night to prep the skin. Xue explains ever since she started to use D22 Tonic consistently her skin looks noticeably brighter and smoother, with fewer breakouts — and though she] still rotates other products, this is one she can’t go without. 

“Don’t sleep on the brand’s honeylike Cerabalm either” - Faith Xue  

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