My CeraStory: Soothing Solution for my sensitive and dermographic skin - Vida Colon

Vida’s Sensitive and Dermographic Skin Challenges

Vida started having sensitive skin since college, it started with a lot of allergies and eventually turned into eczema and acne-clogged pores. From these symptoms she learned that she had dermographic skin, which is a condition where any type of scratching, rubbing or pressure on the skin will cause your skin to raise and hive up. The best way to put it according to Vida is that her skin “is like a little diva, so she’s over reactive”. 

A Soothing Solution for Sensitive Skin: Vida's Experience with Cerabalm

Finding the right skincare products can be difficult when having reactive, sensitive skin. However, Vida found the perfect soothing cleanser for sensitive skin she is actually totally okay to use it! She found that Cerabalm had calmed her skin and helped with redness - a common issue Vida faces when using other traditional face cleansers. When using Cerabalm as her cleanser she doesn’t face those same issues. It creates a nice base for her so that can use an acids-based toner D22 and not have to worry about her skin freaking out. 

Cerabalm's Versatility: A Multi-Purpose Cleanser in Vida's Skincare Routine

Vida found out that she likes to use this multi-purpose cleanser to remove face paint on her six-year-old daughter, Alyssa. Alyssa has inherited Vida’s sensitive skin so she knew Cerabalm would be the ideal choice for her. Additionally, since it does not have any chemicals or parabens she felt comfortable using it for her daughter. 


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