Danucera Feature in Philadelphia Magazine- Wedding Winter/Spring Issue

Whether you are preparing for your wedding or embarking on your honeymoon, you are just in time for Cerabalm to be featured in Philadelphia Magazines Wedding Winter/Spring 2024 issue! 

If you are traveling to a tropical destination or staying local to celebrate, packing the right on-the- go skincare makes all the difference. So why not “simplify your beauty routine while traveling with Rescue Spa’s do-it-all balm” -Laura Brzyski, Kristen Soctt and Bradford Pearson. 

Cerabalm is our desert-island pick due to its multi-purpose magic! Use it as your cleansers, moisturizer or a mask to offer instant and visible results. The skin is left hydrated, smoother and more radiant instantly. 

Read more here for tropical honeymoon ideas and what to bring!

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