“This Golden Jelly Balm is Skin Care’s Next Cult Product” -Bustle

“This Golden Jelly Balm is Skin Care’s Next Cult Product”, this golden jelly balm that Bustle is referring to is Cerabalm and according to Los Angeles-based beauty, wellness, and culture writer Tanya Akim, it’s unlike any other product she has tried. 

Akim has been a Rescue Spa lover “since the day [she] stepped into the Gramercy location in New York, so [her] hopes were really high for the founder of the skin care oasis’s line”. Danucera is the story of a thousand faces, the faces founder Danuta Mieloch has seen, touched and improved over her long career as a master esthetician. Thus was born Danucera, a capsule collection of expertly crafted products for the simplest, cleanest and most effective skincare routine for any face, at any age. Currently the line consists of a cleansing balm (Cerabalm), toner (D22 Tonic), moisturizer (Cream Supreme), Sculpting Stones and Dual Washcloths

“I’ve been using all three products religiously, but the cleansing balm is a standout – mostly because it’s not just a cleanser.”
-Tanya Akim 

Akim makes note that she has dehydrated skin and the dry, winter air does not help with her already low skin hydration levels. In addition, her skin breaks out at the sight of a product with added fragrance.  While her humidifier assists as much as it can, Akim needed to lean on moisturizing products, hello Cerabalm! 

Unlike other balm cleansers that are dense and have to be softened up with a brisk lather of the fingertips, or a scrape from a skin spatula, Cerabalm’s texture feels like a light, stick-free jelly and is completely unique to other cleansers on the market.”
-Tanya Akim

Akim found that because of its honey-like texture, the application itself is extremely soothing and easy to spread on the entire face – “it also removes all my makeup without a trace”. It pairs beautifully with the dual wash cloth, made from 100% organic cotton. 

“The formula utilizes clean actives like apricot kernel oil (what I like to call “nature’s retinol”) and sea buckthorn oil (an anti-inflammatory that’s great for acne), so it’s also treating the skin as you cleanse. Because of its hydrating ingredients and non-clogging formulation, you can also use it as a mask, moisturizer or lip balm (it’s great slathered on for long flights).
-Tanya Akim

Cerabalms unique formulation and texture had Akim wondering “is this working?” then she wiped it off and “felt like [she] had just had a facial. [Her] skin was so hydrated and soft, [she] felt like [she] didn’t even need to use a moisturizer on a couple of occasions”. One night Akim had left it on for an hour while doing emails and it doubled as an intensive replenishing mask! 

The final verdict? Akim has not had the winter bone-dry, dehydrated break out prone skin once since using Cerabalm. Her skin has been dewy and supple after cleansing and is now a devoted Cerabalm user.

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