Rescue Spa & Danucera Founder, Danuta Mieloch, Interviewed by MindBodyGreen

"Beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance." Known for her iconic skincare ethos, celebrity esthetician Danuta Mieloch is a multi hyphenate in the industry. Known for her hyper-luxurious spas and for bringing cult classic skincare brand Biologique Recherche stateside, Mieloch is also now known for Danucera, her capsule clean beauty collection.

In her interview with MindBodyGreen's Alexandra Engler, Mieloch details how the daily choices we make for our skin are for more impactful than we realize, and some key points to help you active and maintain beautiful skin!

Don't Confuse a Routine with Stagnation

Consistency is key, but change can also be important.

Per Mieloch, "the magic of the skin is that it's a living organ that reproduces and regrows...the skin is forever changing." Be sure that you make your routine a daily habit, but understand that your skin's need change with time, and the best way to maintain your skin is to adjust your routine when needed.

The Benefits of Clean Beauty

"If the products are created well, it's not just about the active ingredient only, because that can only be a small percentage. So what is the base? It's super important that the base is beneficial for the skin as well".

- Danuta Mieloch

Clean beauty prioritizes ingredients that are safe and benefical not only for your body, but for the planet as well. When crafting her line Danucera, clean beauty was a top priority!

Danucera's clean-beauty standards began with Danuta’s holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that nature’s own nutrients — not lab-based ingredients — are at the heart of great skincare and self-care. Inspired by age-old beauty solutions, as well as the health of our planet and our bodies DANUCERA™ adheres to clean-beauty standards (free of parabens, phthalates, phenol, silicones, perfumes, and more). The products are naturally derived, cruelty free, fragrance free, and sourced and packaged sustainably.

Make Firming Products a Priority (Regardless of your Age!)

There is a misconception that only those with mature skin should make firming a priority. This is not the case. In skincare, prevention is always the best route! 

"I'm in my 50s, so I need firming ingredients, but for somebody even younger, they might need firming on the level of pores. Younger folks can benefit from firming, as it can help the face structure and tighten pores, for example," she says. Mieloch advises that everyone try to incorporate ingredients like retinols, antioxidants and peptides to firm the skin and prevent sagging.

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