Usher's Super Bowl Glow Was Thanks to These Products

Usher's 2024 Super Bowl halftime performance in Las Vegas left us mesmerized, with Lola Okanlawon, his exclusive groomer and makeup artist, sharing insights with People Magazine about their meticulous preparations.

Okanlawon, an expert in makeup artistry and grooming, described Usher as a "dream client," praising his flawless skin maintained with care.

Their game-day routine, using Danucera products, began with the Sculpting Stone for lymphatic drainage, followed by Cerabalm for gentle cleansing.

"I started with the sculpting stone to help with lymphatic drainage, followed by Danucera's Cerabalm to cleanse the skin," Okanlawon explains. She affectionately dubs the cleansing balm her "MVP product" because "it doesn't strip the skin of moisture, it leaves it clean and refreshed." She further notes, "It was also the product they reached for post-performance to effectively remove products and sweat post-performance and start his skin off on the right note for the remainder of the night."

Iconic Eye and D22 Tonic were used to prep the skin, with Cream Supreme applied for moisturizing and priming.

“I prepped his under eye area with Iconic Eye Cream followed by cooling patches. Afterwards, I used D22 Tonic around the exterior part of the face to tone and promote smooth and glowy skin. Lastly, I used Cream Supreme to moisturize because I love how supple it makes the skin feel before I primer the skin for complexion.”



Okanlawon also prepped Usher’s skin from the neck down for his much buzzed-about shirtless moment, applying Kiehl's Creme de Corps "to keep the skin glowing and hydrated," along with a light layer of Danucera Cerabalm to enhance his glow under the spotlights.

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